- sensitive flower cleanser -

Good to know
  • Non-toxic
  • Ethically made
  • PETA certified
  • Medical grade
  • Scientically proven

SQ.N Type

Suitable for mature, sun damaged, dry, peri oral dermatitis & sensitive skin! 

Sensitive Flower

Sensitive flowers, like me, require more love and devotion but once in full bloom they’re the bloom of the ball. You’ll love me because I’ll so ever so gently and calmly cleanse your precious skin, leaving it nicely hydrated and fresh without any irritation. I’ll do this by using a never seen before blend of natural fruit extracts which help cleanse and calm all at the same time. After using me your skin will be blooming. 

Product benefits

*Gently cleansers skin without irritation
*Hydrates skin


Use once or twice a day, morning or evening to cleanse the skin.

My Secrets

Sensitive Flower contains fermented Kakadu plum, which is produced using a unique process. The fermentation process results in production of lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid, or AHA) that can help to gently exfoliate dead skin. To calm sensitive skin, it also contains soothing cucumber oil, green tea, licorice root, and blackcurrant, all in a mild sulfate-free, moisturizer-like base for the gentlest cleanse. To top it all off, hydrolyzed wheat protein helps to condition the skin and lock-in hydration post-cleanse, and feed the good microbes on the skin to improve skin barrier function.

01 One approach for beautiful SQ.N
starts here at the initial discovery phase.

Then we move onto phase two
in building a new SQ.N care routine.02

03 The third phase works on educating
and building on your results.

Not sure where to start?
Consult with a skin specialist.