SQ°N skincare: Ethically certified skincare that really works.

Anyone who’s been in a pub quiz will know the answer to “What’s the largest organ of the human body?” 

Skin. We all have it, and we all have our own love/hate relationship with it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a boy, girl or somewhere in between, there are ingredients that are healing, hydrating, and revitalising for our skin - and then there’s the stuff that will strip it, stress it, weigh it down, clog it up and dry it out. We just do the first bit.

Not basic, just simply better skincare. 

SQ°N is an active skincare range which means you get natural ingredients treating your skin on a cellular level, guaranteeing results. There’re no nasty chemicals thrown in to pad out the bottle or make it smell a bit like something it isn’t, and we certainly don’t taint it with food colouring to make it look ‘pretty’ because… well because that would be mad, wouldn’t it?! 

But you will find a transparent list of ingredients for all our products, and if you don’t know what some of the names are, that’s cool, just ask us. We may be super glam and glowing on the outside, but we’re kinda nerdy on the inside about this stuff – we’d love a chance to talk tripeptides and tetrapeptides with you!

Inclusive but not ‘one size fits all’.

Skin concerns don’t discriminate, and neither do we. Our products work on all skin types, making our range flexible enough to design the correct combination for your unique skin situation. Grab an online consultation with us to find your personal warrior team of SQ°N products and tackle your skin battle once and for all!

The face behind SQ°N .

When you book a virtual consultation with our founder, Hannah Cashmore, you get to be face to face with the brains behind our operation.

A veteran of the cosmetics industry (with the inner glow to prove it) Hannah Cashmore is the real deal.

Her work as a cosmetic nurse and building her own clinic, HC Medical, is what inspired her to find better ways to help her patients and clients with their unique skin concerns. Whilst there can be many common problems our faces face, and our skin suffers from, there’s no better solution than treating yours as the unique unicorn that it is! A tailored treatment and maintenance plan made specifically for you, with only the best ingredients is the best gift you can give your skin, and your future self.

You can book a private, virtual consultation with Hannah here to start your perfect skin journey now.